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Sisters. Best friends. Business partners. 

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Our family, friends and clients describe us as kind, caring, fun and determined.

Sounds about right to us! 

In addition, Naomi brings her love for adventure and challenge which balances beautifully with Hannah's nurturing and grounded nature

Having separately explored various corporate professions at the start of our careers, we now have more than 20 years combined experience in the health and wellbeing industry.

We believe that we never stop learning because life never stops teaching! We both invest deeply in our continued self development holding between us multiple qualifications in coaching, NLP, yoga, reiki, meditation and hypnosis.

We both believe that as human beings we have within us the capabilities to learn, heal and grow. We recognize however that our biggest challenge is often knowing which questions to ask, and where/how to look for the answers.

"If I had an hour to solve a problem on which my life depended, I'd spend 55 minutes asking myself the right question before taking 5 minutes to answer it." - Einstein

Our mission is to help you do that in the hope to shine your light brighter. 

Together we have created Alma Explore, a safe space for you to dive deeper into your soul*,

the place from where your light emanates from, the inner you, your true self.

(*Alma means soul and was our great Grandma's name!)

Who we are: About Me
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